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Escape in Action


1. Kourtaliotiko Gorge

Within 22 kilometers from Rethymno,we find a unique and enchanting natural attraction of Crete,the Kourtaliotiko Gorge. With a length of five kilometers,it starts from the village of Koxare and ends at the beautiful palm beach of Preveli.Along the length there are huge rocky slopes that touch 500 meters high and are full of caves where many species of birds live,mainly predators. 
This makes Kourtaliotiko gorge an important international habitat.
Together we will enjoy a small part of the canyon with three wonderful descents into the cool and crystal clear waters of the canyon and many jumps, as well as river trekking. The duration of the activity is approximately 3.5 hours. (* depending on the number of participants)


2. Seitan Limani Gorge

On the eastern side of the cape in Chania and a few kilometers outside the city of Chania is a wild gorge that ends at the famous and beautiful beach of Stefanos. You can go to this beach in two ways, either by walking the path or by crossing the gorge. 
The technical descent is easy, with six different rappels with the longest being about 40 meters. In the middle of a descent there is a small but beautiful cave with stalagmites and stalactites. At the end, the long tiny beach with its deep blue color and fine sand will relax you with a nice cool swim. The duration of the activity is approximately 3 hours.
(* depending on the number of participants)


3. Via Ferrata - Kapetaniana

Via Ferrata in Kapetaniana, Crete, is suitable for all people without much experience, as long as they are not afraid of heights.
Together we will make a circular route, over rock tops and steep slopes overlooking the South Cretan Sea.
It is very easy in terms of climbing as in most places there are steps and a permanent cable, limiting any fall. Visitors will love the ride. The view to the sea is excellent, as it is located in the heart of the Asterousia Mountains, a mountain range in southern Crete that separates the Mesara valley from the Libyan Sea. Duration approximately 3 hours (depending on the participations).
Minimum number of participants 4 persons.
Maximum 12 persons