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Escape in Action was born in Crete, our homeland and the “land of canyons”. In these blessed grounds, curved through the ages with more than 400 canyons, we were raised in close relation with the earth.

For the last 7 years, our desire to explore the most hidden parts of Cretan nature took us a step further than hiking. We were looking for an extreme activity, and a way to reach these amazing ecosystems that remain a mystery for most people. That’s how we started our journey in the world of Canyoning, acquiring one after the other all the diplomas needed to take it to a professional level and to ensure maximum safety.

Today, our passion for canyons and our love for Crete and its natural treasures lead us to the ultimate project. Escape in Action represents our dream: to share these amazing treasures with our visitors – to share our passion with you. Follow us to the depths of the Cretan land, for a unique adventure!

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